A cryptocurrency to reverse deforestation 🌏

Transparency with Intelligent Monitoring 🛰

We cannot preserve what we cannot measure. Artificial intelligence plays a significant role in efficiently estimating the value of nature and help us accelerate the conservation and sustainable use of our natural world.

Trustworthy & Lightning Fast Transactions with Cryptocurrency ⚡

We use auditable in-house machine learning to verify environmental impact and provide communities with the opportunity to receive instant payments for sustainable nature stewardship through our decentralised fund.

Reshaping Donations into Investments with NFTs 🌎

Every donation is rewarded with a unique digital asset, a non-fungible impact certificate (NFTrees™). It captures live data (drone data, satellite imagery, conservation photography, wildlife cams and more) from the area and keeps track of your impact over time!

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Sustainable Smart Incentives for Nature 🌱


Invest in our decentralised green fund. Payments are autonomously channeled to local communities and certified on a distributed ledger.


We use SOTA artificial intelligence that fuses field, drone and satellite data in order to link payments to real-time environmental impact.


Local communities receive real-time payments for their nature stewardship. Investors receive NFTrees for successful donations.

Our Non Profit 👋

GainForest Association is a nonprofit dedicated to create the GainForest™ platform for our community. Help us achieve our goal and donate to our association's work.

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Learning from Nature's Stewards 💡

Supporting and listening to nature’s real superheroes- local and Indigenous communities - is our core value. Learn more about our belief.

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Media Coverage 🎤

GainForest™ is an early pioneer in the ReFi crypto space. Explore more through our selected media coverage.